Consumer demand for unique, powerful and innovative fragrances in deodorant, hair care and skin care products demand outstanding product formulation and fresh ideas from anyone looking to make an impression in the market.

AFI has the skill and the know-how to help our customers read consumer demand, launch exciting new products and develop outstanding and unique products.

No matter what type or formulation of product you are looking to create, we have the chemical and developmental expertise to help you follow through from concept to final sale.

Feel free to contact us for a complete list of the types of fragrances we can provide for any toiletry product you are looking to produce.

Bathroom & Toilet Air Fresheners
Industrial Air Fresheners
Car Wash
Eliminator Odour Controls
Floor Cleaners

Furniture Cleaners & Polishers
Glue Adhesives Industrial Cleaners
Masking Odour Controls
Oil Products
Portable Toilet Systems
Rug Cleaners
Tire Cleaners
Toilet (Para) Pucks
Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Upholstery Cleaners